• Lisa

Classic Christmas Tree

This year we opted to choose and cut our tree. After a bit of google research, and one bad stop of which we left the premises. This tree farm, listed free hay ride as their main header to pull you in. Of course, being a mom of 4 boys I was like, YASSS, take us here hubby. After some terrible directions from google maps, we arrived at this destination. To be directed by an older gentlemen to be parked right in the walkway and tractor parking? Meanwhile, in front of our faces, past some trees there was a parking lot for guests? An older lady walks up to the RAM and asks us what we are there for? Ok, well we want a Christmas Tree? She proceeds to tell us we can go ahead and park where we were at, remember an older gentleman sent us there to park? Anyhow then she proceeds to make us pull our very large Ram truck into the tree, just in case we wanted some scratches to go along with out Christmas tree experience. We proceed to get all 4 children out of the truck. A chore in itself. ANOTHER older gentleman from one of the tractors proceeds to ask us what we our looking for, because we didn't just jump in line to hop the tractor. We told him we were looking for a fair priced tree, of which we were told were clear over the hill on the other side and the tractors are not going that way? OK. Well thanks for nothing, as he proceeded to cut us off to answer another customer. Long story short we left, and everyone else, hopped on the tractor to the highest prices trees like robots in a line, completely oblivious of what their free tractor ride was actually costing. So we head to my FIRST choice, immediately greeted with warm smiles, and organization, we were satisfied. We proceeded to the barn and asked for info, while the children played with a friendly lab. We headed out to the field by foot, to pick our tree! With my indecisiveness wasn't an east task! After about a half hour we found our beauty, the hubby chopped it down, while I of course snapped pictures everywhere. We dragged it back to the barn, paid, had some cookies and hot chocolate and warmed up by the fire. $45.00 for the classic Christmas experience. If you have never done it with your family, I urge you to do it once while they are still young! Was it worth the price tag for a tree to die, I vote yes! The most beautiful tree we've every had!!!


~Lisa's Leggings~


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