Garden repellent

Who doesn’t love planting

A fresh garden to reap the benefits of all summer into fall. But it can be difficult to ward off the deer and other animals that love to munch on your hard work! In fact it can be down right frustrating! I have been testing a method I found and so far 2 weeks later, I’m certain it IS effective. I must share!

You wil need:

1 gallon jug (preferably old milk jug) 

Mixing bowl



Milk or yogurt 

Hot sauce 

Minced garlic

In a bowl add 3 eggs and beat. Add 1/4 cup milk or yogurt. 3 Tbsp of hot sauce and 3 tbsp of garlic. I used minced garlic from a jar. Mix together well. Pour into gallon jug using funnel. Fill the jug up with water to fill it. Now the key here is to let this rot a good 24 hours before using and put on your mask because this stuff is RANK!!! Shake well before each use and pour some into a small spray bottle . Now you want to spray your plants directly with this solution, no it won’t hurt your babies! I’ve tested 2 weeks straight! I apply every night. Our deer are relentless! It is recommended to spray once a week  and after every rainfall. You will

Want to use this in the early am or at night to not burn your plants with the sun. Same with watering. This mixture forms a deposit on the leaves that the animals do not like the taste of! I even spray all around my garden!

Hope this works and I would

Love to hear your


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