Summer essential oil blends

Sharing some great diffuser blends for summer! My favorite is Rainy Day !  Please keep in mind you may have to adjust the drops according to your diffuser size! Happy blending!

Sweet Dreams

2 drops geranium

3 drops lavender

Rainy Day

1 drop lavender 

2 drops bergamot 

3 drops clary sage


3 drops cedar wood 

2 drops patchouli 

3 drops lavender 

Lemonade stand

4 drops lemon

1 drop basil

1 drop spearmint 

Fresh breeze 

2 drops tea tree

2 drops lemon

2 drops lime


3 drops orange

2 drops sandalwood 

2 drops grapefruit 

Herbal garden

2 drops rosemary 

2 drops thyme

2 drops lemon

1 drop spearmint

At the beach

3 drops orange

2 drops patchouli 

1 drop ylang ylang

Key lime pie

4 drops lime

1 drop lemon

1 drop vanilla

1 drop lavender 

Island life

3 drops orange

2 drops ginger

2 drops ylang ylang

Good vibes

3 drops tangerine 

2 drops lavender 

1 drop lime

1 drop spearmint 

Good morning 

2 drops orange

2 drops lime

2 drops peppermint 

Dream catcher 

2 drops lavender 

1 drop vetiver 

1 drop cedarwood 

1 drop  frankincense 


 3 drops orange

3 drops grapefruit 

1 drop lemon

1 drop bergamot 


4 drops orange 

3 drops rose

2 drops patchouli 

There’s a handful for you to try, let me know your favorites!

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