Perfect slime every time!

After countless of failures with multiple recipes found on the internet, there is so many!!!! We finally found the right one and it’s sooo easy! I don’t know why some complicate it! So I had to share!!!

•6 OZ Glue (Elmer’s, white, glitter, glow in dark any of those!) this is usually standard size between 5-6, don’t worry you can use 5OZ!

•Saline contact solution  6-10 drops

(Add more for tougher slime)

•Baking soda 1Tsp. (Use more for tougher)

•water 6-10 drops

Add glue to a mixing bowl, it’s going to be tough to get it all, just get as much as you can!

Add baking soda and 6 drops of saline and 6 drops water. Keep stirring, about 5 minutes. Here’s where it gets messy for awhile the best way to get those chemicals to activate is to pick it up and squeeze it through your hands until it’s of good consistency. Like kneading dough basically! 

Tips: if you feel like it’s still to sticky (it shouldn’t be impossible to get off fingers)

Just add a few more drops of saline and water, even a sprinkle of baking soda! It won’t hurt! All it will do is making it a bit tougher but still incredible!

This stuff bounces, stretches, jumps ropes (don’t try it bahaha), snaps, crackles, all of it! 

Questions? Drop it in the comments 


~Lisa's Leggings~


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